Ravello Concert Society Festival 2021

June 5 - October 30, 2021
Ravello (SA), Italy
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Ravello Concert Society Festival 2021

36th Concert Season

Ravello Arts Council
Ravello Concert Society

36th Concert Season, 2021 Booklet



Selected Restaurants

On the concert day you will receive a 15% discount on a minimum 2 course meal at dinner in  selected restaurants. Please show your tickets/booking confirmation beforehands:

Al Ristoro del Moro
c/o Hotel Graal, Via della Repubblica 8
tel. +39 089 857222 
www.alristorodelmoro.it - info@alristorodelmoro.it

Da Salvatore
Via della Repubblica 2
tel. +39 089 857227 
www.salvatoreravello.com - info@salvatoreravello.com 

c/o Hotel Garden, Via Boccaccio 4
tel. +39 089 857226
www.gardenravello.it - info@gardenravello.it

c/o Hotel Parsifal, Via G. D'Anna 5
tel. +39 089 857144 
www.hotelparsifal.com - info@hotelparsifal.com 

Villa Maria
c/o Hotel Villa Maria, Via S. Chiara 2
tel. +39 089 857255 
www.villamaria.it - villamaria@villamaria.it

Via dei Rufolo 3
tel. +39 089 857947
www.ristorantepizzaeriavittoria.it - info@ristorantepizzeriavittoria.it

Transfer Services

For the transfer services, as an alternative to public bus service on the Amalfi coast and from/to railway or airport, you may contact one of the following taxi drivers, referring to the agreement with 'Ravello Concert Society'. As concert reservation holder you will take advantage of a discounted price:


Mr Giovanni Fortunato

Mr Ugo Fortunato

Mr Claudio Lucibello

Mr Stefano Schiavo

Ravello Taxi CAB

Get Ravello

Mr Michele Cappotto

Ravello Concert Society Festival 2021 program



Ravello (SA), Campania, Italy