The Path of the Gods

As the name might suggest, this is the most majestic trail on the whole of the Amalfi Coast, and perhaps not only.

The Path of the Gods
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The Path of the Gods, or per its Italian name, Il Sentiero degli Dei, is a trail that lives up to its name. This is one of those situations where words cannot describe the experience and a picture is literally “worth a thousand words”.

Starting on the path from Bomerano (Agerola) there’s a Vietri ceramic plaque right at the entrance inscribed with the following quotes by Italo Calvino and D.H. Lawrence:

...Starting from the Path of the Gods, that road suspended over the magical gulf of “Sirens”, marked even today by memory and myth.

Is this the view that from on high along the Path of the Gods, opens to our sight: it is the picture of the great loop of the Amalfi coastline that looks towards the west, towards the Island of Capri, that precipitous coast, steamy, hot, with the crystalline mountains where the gods of today are forsaken and you find a lost self again. Mediterranean, before you.


Path of the Gods

Agerola (NA), Campania, Italy
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Open 24 hours




Pathway: 327 + 331

Length: 7 Kilometers

Length of Time: 3 hours

Elevation gain: 650 meters

Starting Point: Agerola - Paolo Capasso Square (Bomerano)

Arrival Point: Positano

Points of Interest/Sights: Geological, Panoramic, Naturalistic


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