Tra terra e mare

0 dates left · Organized by Comune di Positano
June 11 - September 17, 2021
Positano (SA), Italy

Tra terra e mare

Itinerant theatrical/musical show

Lights show, fabrics and sounds with actors in costume and musicians inspired by the ancient tales of the Amalfi Coast. Corners of paradise transformed into emotions and laughter, beauty that meets life, where smiling, crying and dancing are elements of a single great experience: that of life.

Positano will uncover its most hidden alleys and reveal its secrets with the show BETWEEN EARTH AND SEA that will transform its characteristic streets into real theatrical spaces. In the alleys that have witnessed the stories that are reconstructed today, between those walls that have already heard the same words, only pronounced by older voices, are staged wars, victories, joys and endless loves.

The show is produced by Workinmusical and Sipario di Luce, written and directed by Antonio Melissa and Ario Avecone.

With: Vincenzo Oddo, Nuccia Paolillo, Antonio Melissa, Diletta Acanfora, Antonio Speranza, Miryam Somma

accompanied by the notes of Gianni Del Sorbo and Andrea Laudano.



Positano (SA), Campania, Italy