“Ed Wittstein, Positano e la joie de vivre”

“Ed Wittstein, Positano e la joie de vivre”

The Municipality of Positano in collaboration with the Association Positano Art and Culture, has enthusiastically accepted the proposal of Enzo Esposito and Erminia Pellecchia, and has decided to include within the program "Positano in Mostra", the works of the American artist Ed Wittstein: drawings on paper, colored inks, watercolors and tempera made between the nineties and 2010 that together give life to the exhibition "Ed Wittstein, Positano and the joie de vivre".

The exhibition will be inaugurated Friday, October 1 at 18:00 at the Pinacoteca Comunale of Positano and will be open until October 13.

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Pinacoteca Comunale

via Regina Giovanna
Positano (SA), Campania, Italy

Organizer of “Ed Wittstein, Positano e la joie de vivre”

Comune di Positano