L'Arte Divina

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Friday, Sep 17, 2021 • All Day
2 years ago
Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta
Via dei Mulini, Positano (SA), Italy
L'Arte Divina

L'Arte Divina

Collective art exhibition.

curated by Ferdinando Sorrentino


  • Domenico Sepe

  • Gianni Strino

  • Francesca Strino

  • Michelangelo Della Morte

  • Gianluigi Infante

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Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

Via dei Mulini
Positano (SA), Campania, Italy
  • As the name might suggest, this is the most majestic trail on the whole of the Amalfi Coast, and perhaps not only.

  • Villa Rufolo is an historic villa within the centre of Ravello, whose gardens literally set the scene for the famous open-air Ravello Festival concerts overlooking the Mediterranean.